Elegant Architecture.

Clean and minimalistic web design showcases beauty of the architecture firm's designs. Simple layout and easy navigation create pleasant user experience. Captures firm's professionalism and sophistication.




2021 - 2022

Typography & Color Pallete.


Poppins (Indian Type Foundry, Jonny Pinhorn)

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Poppins (Indian Type Foundry, Jonny Pinhorn)

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Case Studies: Read About the Impact of Our Solutions.

⸺ Introduction

a) In this case study, we will be examining a website created for a architecture firm.

⸺ Objective

To create a visually appealing and user-friendly website for an architecture firm that showcases the firm's portfolio and conveys a sense of professionalism and sophistication.

⸺ Design

a) We began by meeting with the client to understand their business, target audience, and design preferences.

b) Based on this information, we decided to focus on creating a clean and minimalistic look for the website, using subtle colors and plenty of white space to allow the firm's work to speak for itself.

⸺ Development

a) We also emphasized user experience, ensuring that the layout was simple and easy to navigate.

d) In terms of development, we used responsive web design techniques to ensure that the website would be accessible and function well on a variety of devices.

b) Careful attention was paid to optimizing the website for search engines to ensure that it would rank highly in search results.

⸺ Result

a) The clean and minimalistic look of the website has helped convey a sense of professionalism and sophistication, which aligns with the client's branding.

b) The website has effectively showcased the firm's portfolio, making it easy for potential clients to browse and learn more about the firm's services.

⸺ Conclusion

a) Overall, this web design project was a success.

b) By focusing on a clean and minimalistic look, emphasizing user experience, and using responsive web design techniques, we were able to create a website that effectively represents the client's business and meets the needs of their target audience